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CREST13: Noosphere II, Planetary Engineering Project. Centers for the Restitution Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind

"Planets with Noosphere.  Planets arrive at this distinction through a final, critical evolutionary stage referred to as biosphere-noosphere transition. Such a transition is always preceded by what appears to be an almost insurmountable crisis ..."

Due to the global climate change and a world at war, the whole Earth is in an unprecedented crisis, a global emergency. However, this crisis is indicative of a transition to a new and better time, an era of cosmic evolution called the noosphere. To go beyond the emergency, a planetary-scale effort is needed to define a new direction into the future, one that takes into account the nature of the noosphere and its cosmic order of reality.

The CREST13 is just such a project.

Combining the purposes of a contemplative center, research base and a sustainable community for exploring and exhibiting a way of life and knowledge expressive of the noosphere – Earth’s mental layer – the CREST13 network is intended to set the stage for the next evolutionary sequence of life on Earth.

With a minimum of thirteen strategically located centers, the aim of the CREST13 is to creatively explore principles of planetary engineering in the context of the biosphere-noosphere transition. The creation of a global telepathic grid is a principle method of planetary engineering.

Map of proposed CREST13 sites

Planetary engineering is a whole system method of crafting solutions for global problems consistent with the perception of the planet as a transformer of cosmic energies operating within a larger (solar-galactic) field of intelligence.

Providing a cosmic space for meditation and synchronized visualization techniques, the domed architecture of the thirteen centers will facilitate reception and transmission of telepathic information. In this way CREST13 will help precipitate the noosphere.

All thirteen centers are to be unified by the same daily program of meditation, biopsychic and electromagnetic field practices, and telepathic transmission and reception exercises. Natural mind meditation is the foundation of the CREST13 program.

Synchronized by the harmonic timing standard of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar, the CREST13 Centers are telepathically connected through ongoing forms of synchronic order practices and disciplines.

Through research and development, and on-going programs of telepathic investigation, including experiments in two-way extraterrestrial communication, the CREST13 will lay the foundation of the noosphere, its principle project being the completion of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge experiment.

In sum, the purpose of the CREST13 (Centers for the Restitution of the Natural Mind) is to establish a planetary telepathic network, a "telepathic safety net," helping Earth in her passage form biospheric crisis into the new evolutionary cycle of the noosphere.

Click here to read the original prospectus "Noosphere II Planetary Engineering Project, Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind"

Rainbow Bridge Meditation

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Part 2

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