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Retreat Center Tiempo de Brotar


Updated 22 Dec 2011


Between Cerro Uritorco and Las Gemelas, in Capilla del Monte, Cordoba - Argentina, Star Bioregion.


Tiempo de Brotar:

Banco de la Nacion Argentina
Savings bank in pesos
Account Number 1811169908 Palaoro Julián Rodrigo
C.B.U. : 01101818/30018111699083 (for transfers)
For transfers from abroad (US$2000 maximum per transfer): Swift Code: NACNARBACOR

Or through Western Union for: Julian Rodrigo Palaoro, (document number) DNI 27540406 , Argentina, province of: Cordoba, City: Capilla del Monte


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Site Structure

The community facilities are being constructed according with principles of organic architecture of low environmental impact, using geodesic domes and other bioconstructions.

We count on a temporary communal kitchen, which has a solar and LED lighting display kitchen with a wood oven. The permanent kitchen is under construction, there is a temporary composting toilet and a shower that works with firewood, with its natural water filters. A definitive complex of shower, laundry and compost is under construction.

There are three geodesic domes, 4 meters in diameter, for the center keepers dwelling and several other being built, both in the garden area and CREST.

We have a cultivated area of more than 500 m2 of garden fine, plus some 100 fruit trees.

There is also a stone corral for freight animals and transport.

Land Size

Approximately 21 hectacres.

Number of permanent kin residing

3 Adults average age 33 years and 3 children

Details for visitors

The village welcomes all beings who are attracted to the process of self-knowledge, healing and transformation through direct contact with Nature and 13:20 natural timing frequency, experiencing all the tools of the Law of Time.

We received for a minimum of one heptad (7 days) recommending to complete the wavespell (13 days), integrating visitors in the planetary service, every day all kins activate FAMILY AND COLOR, the new social order proposed by the Law Time.

The daily Terrestrial Family activates the village’s domestic order: cooking, maintaining order and harmony of the spaces.

The root race or COLOR holds the biospheric order with tasks such as caring for the gardens, provide firewood for cooking, cleaning toilets compost and assist in the fruit and herbs collection.

Given that we are in a stage of construction, we constantly sharing experiences with stone and mud construction, and geodesic structures and others.

The place is accessed after a panoramic walk through the hills, are 3km mountain road, 1 hour walking or riding a horse, therefore we suggest you bring comfortable clothes and come lightweight luggage (tent, sleeping bag, appropriate footwear for the mountain and warm in winter).

Reciprocity: the economy support from kins allow for cost for community and feeding

Ask for amount via email


  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Garden Tools
  • Construction tools
  • Alt.Energy supplies (like Solar Panels, etc)
  • Furniture
  • Openings (doors and windows)
  • Cover for 6m Practices Dome

Daily Practices

  • Natural Mind Meditation, daily codes, Cubication, Synchronotron and Circumpolar Raimbow Bridge Ejection
  • Psychophysical Exercises (Hata yoga)
  • Breakfast- task distribution from the village by Family and Color according to the needs of the moment and according to the kin visitor potential
  • Lunch
  • Free time for rest
  • In the evening are take up again the activities of the village
  • Before Sunset, Study of Cósmic History Chronicles
  • Dinner.

In Full Moon: Women gatherings (femal energy works)
In New Moon: Men gatherings (male energy works)

Equinox and solstice ceremonies, temazcal ceremonies, fastings, live food, purification through water, singing.

Cristal Court

Day Out of Time Celebration

General Overview and comments

In the Crystal Storm year, most of us met the Noosphere II Project Crest 13 resonating with it and feeling the desire to express it.

After years of experience and training in a 13:20 garden and responding to this call, was like we went looking for a place with necessary conditions to develop and carry out the Crest 13.

During 5 moons go by what they call Argentina, arrived at the Star Holon (Capilla del monte, Cordoba) where we gave 10 hectares (being expanded to 21 hectares) in commodatum for this purpose. This place opened so that, with humility and heart, we might develop this planetary service.

The site is located at the foot of Apu Uritorco, Apu Overo and la Ñusta Las Gemelas, the guardians of this bit of earth, bathed by the rich and mighty Rio Alazanes with its crystal clear and pure streams, fertile soil where they grow fruit and nut trees centenaries, apricots, peaches, blackberries and figs, as well as sacred medicine that the mountain of these mountains offer.

So it was seeing the great physical conditions of the site, in Ring 4.4 Rhythmic Moon Seli 9 Summer Solstice (21/12 / 09) arrived with the purpose of establishing the center. In a 1st stage, to establish the Garden Village area, and then the retreat center.

From this date we are looking forward to building the Garden and the CREST center, growing in the building structures and orchards. Building strong relationships with neighbors, people in the countryside, and brothers of other communities with whom we have formed the Network of Community Groups for a Culture of Peace (Comunidadesdepaz Paz in Facebook).

We conducted a first retreat of 28 days in the Retreat CREST área in the 9.5 ring, Self-existing Moon (18/10 to 14/11, 2010)

We are conducting an upcoming retirement of 28 days for this ring 14.6, Overtone Moon (15/11 to 12/12,2011)

We pulse for the next Moons of present ring complete the Garden facilities and retreat center.
We work to lower the sky to Earth a pure heart.
We are driven by the view that this vision will spread to the next retreats are made synchronously with other centers to create the planetary light grid.




Rhythmic Moon Seli 16, Kin 214 White Rhythmic Wizard (28 December 2012)

Dear Ashani and Ishram,

Katary and Chechi
Reporting the closing of the cycle from Tiempo de Brotar

We‘ve been in a retreat from 6.4, 21 days before closing of the cicle.

Practising full CREST dynamic with 3 Salat prayers a day (before sunrise , midday and before sunset)

Diary synchronization with all codes and natural mind meditation, as well as Synchrogalactic Yoga

We’ve been holding sacred fire for 10 days starting in 17.2 with powerful sweat lodge.

Last week we were 17 kin in full sacred state of mind and practises.

On 5.10 a 6 years old rattle snake visited us and as I was removing her from place she begun to do some strange movements and as as I was taking her away from our land she informed me about honouring ValumVotan and as I released her she continued on strange pacific movements that informed me she was moving channeling V.V. spirit when I realised this she stopped and I honored him.

The day Votan passed away a huge rattle snake (1.5 meters long) passed through our place and peacefully went away. Also this day we had 24 Condors (3 meters of wing span) flying around our place at very low altitude. We knew he passed a week later.

The same day by sunset a beautiful and strange rainbow apeared in storm clouds, everybody celebrated this appearing, some crying, some laughing.

On 6.11 all of us moved to the CREST, a virgin and peaceful land 500 meters from garden with all the kids (5 little flowers) my mother 57 years old (kin11) and visitors, there we begun fasting and fire vigil all night long in a beautiful artistic-shamanic ceremony, meditation, sacred music, mantras and circular dancing. We also saw a beautiful video of V.V. on 2008 day out of time in Byron Bay we had on computer.

During 7.12 some of us stayed on meditation in CREST place and the rest of us with kids and grandma moved back to garden were art and celebration continued.

Of course we made raibow bridge ejection meditation several times through this last 2 days and everyday during retreat, also holographic yoga, whole earth meditation and Vulom teachings to visitors.

By afternoon we went back to garden and celebrated crystal court with 20 kins in the sacred circle.

Even Rainbow bridge is not visible up to now and old system still running, we are still waiting and holding rainbow visualization everyday.

Now we are strongly feeling you and Red Queen are coming visit us. As I’m writing this I still have no notice about Palenque ceremony and Australia retreat in Alegria because I still up in the mountain so I hope strongly you had a wonderful experience.

We are holding one to each other strong on on our hearts, and telepathic engravings of rainbow in psi bank will fulfill the prophecy.

Thank you so much for your work and support, never feel alone, we are together.

Blessings and Love to you. We LOVE YOU so much!

Allah be with you.

Katary kin 14, Chechi kin 247,
and my 3 little flowers Sofia kin 85, Ankary kin 38 and Kintramirel kin 3.




[Photo - Meditating in the Dome]



On the way to the garden


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