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CREST13 Peace Garden Community Resource Center

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CREST13 Peace Garden Community Resource Center

The CREST13 Resource Center is located in a region of gum forests in central Victoria, in the southernmost region of the Australian landmass.  The purpose of the Resource Center is to serve as a coordinating information hub for all aspects of the CREST13 project as it proceeds through the critical developmental stage, as well as the various 13:20 garden community developments. In this regard, the CREST13 Resource Center is a function of the Foundation for the Law of Time (FLT) and closely allied to the activities of the Galactic Research Institute (GRI).

In seeking to model sustainable community development, the CREST13 Resource Center is totally off the grid, its energy being supplied by solar panels.  It also manages a large and productive vegetable garden and a number of egg producing chickens.  A variety of fruit and nut trees are becoming established.  There are two dams on the land which provide water for the gardens and for the native animals while the main water supply is through tanks that gather rain. Soon, a tipi will be put up to accommodate ceremonies and a bagged earth dome will provide a natural meditation space.  Also, work is in progress for a purpose-built, strawbale training facility.

The CREST13 Resource Center also hosts small seminars on themes of sustainable development – gardening, building techniques, etc. - as well as informal gatherings of kin. The main building is also home to the CREST13 Resource Center Project Managers, Ishram and Ashani. To contact us please e-mail

Sustainable building

Strawbale building

Stawbale building

Electrical System

Photo showing Solar Panels on house
Solar pannels

Photo of solar system - batteries
From the panels to the batteries

Photo of solar panel system
From the batteries to the inverter which allows the use of normal appliances

Photo of Solar system
Diesel Generator - backup to the solar system

Water system

Water system
Three main water tanks for rain water
which provide all water to the main house including drinking water

water system
Additional water tank for use on the property

Tank for watering the gardens via the hoses which are pump fed

water dam
The main dam which is used to pump water up for the gardens

Water is pumped from the dam into this storage tank

water dam
The front dam which is water for the native animals including the kangaroos

Biodiesel plant

Biodiesel plant
Biodiesel plant

Biodiesel plant
Ishram converts used cooking oil which he collects from restaurants
into biodiesel for the cars

Organic Garden

Photo of organic garden

Photo of organic garden 2

New Photos

Rainbow Over Allegria


Meditation Yurt



Resource Center Reports

Report #1Report #2Report #3

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