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Ginat Shalom - ADAMA



Ginat Shalom - ADAMA
Israel, Western Galilea.
Holon of the Dragon.



Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese , English.


Site Structure

We have a Mother House - where we gather, cook, study, sew & create art, it is the main kitchen and children's space; Meditation Tipi - A Tipi (6m) for meditation, music circles , crystal court of kin in day 12 and ceremonies; A main fire - were we activate events and workshops; Organic Garden, Treatment Cabin, stable, 10m dome (-still in process) and a lot of Sage :)

Land Size

1.8  hectacres - 18 Dunam

Number of permanent kin residing


Details for visitors

People can come for a Wavespell (13 days) and put their tent / make a natural shelter , & experience the natural frequency 13-20.

We welcome visitors and any sharing of information.


We wish to present our project to the government in Israel as the first Peace Garden in the Middle East. We are most welcoming any kind of new inspiration and ideas.

Daily Practices

Every Day we are guided by the Social order working in families and colors, daily synchronization with the codes of time: tzolkin, 13moons peace program, telektonon different yoga practices, natural mind and rainbow bridge meditation. As we live the new Law of Time in all aspect of life we know its time
spread the knowledge and the wisdom to more people out there. We feel its time to reconnect to the global field of energy and help in a global scale.

General Overview and comments

The frequency and vibration that we activate here through our intention and power of meditation is well sensed and radiates all around.

We make tipi poles, sew Tipis & yurts (from canvas) giving people the opportunity to learn this Art.

Creating a space for gatherings to happen, music, art and "peace culture" festivals.

Much translation work for the galactic codes of time is being done here, since there is not much information in Hebrew.

Our intention is to contribute to the project. Re-establish our D.N.A structure , synchronize with nature and with all beings as a culture of peace - UR.

As Harmony Art we sew Tipies (in any size) from canvas & make Tipi poles; we make natural soap, oil and body cream, incents for purification, jeweleries & dream catchers, music and jamming, we activate workshops and peace culture events.

As a service to the Area we have an organic cooperative where it is possible to buy dry fruits, grains etc... in law costs. We all live in Sacred Geometry Spaces - Domes, Tipis, Yurts.

We want that all Israel will know about the Peace Movement, Law of Time, and about our Art Network project so we can get more support to keep spreading all of this truth.




Peace Garden ADAMA Israel

Peace Garden Irael ADAMA Peace Garden ADAMA

Peace Garden ADAMA Israel

Rainbow - Peace Garden ADAMA Israel

Peace Garden ADAMA Israel




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