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13:20 Peace Garden Lungta – Spain



Bioregion of the Warrior, Spain, natural park La Garrotxa, nearby a town called Olot in the province of Gerona.


Sieger de Vries - Red Galactic Skywalker -


Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French, Catalan, the language of number and the language of the heart.


Site Structure

Global Living Room

13:20 Code Room for Radiosonic architecture

Synchrogalactic Yoga floor
Free source of natural drinking water
Kitchen garden
13 Horses
Free school of life for adults and children

Mongolian Gers (Yurts) and Domes
Traditional Catalan Country House
Hobbit houses
And several visitor accommodations

Land Size

6.5 hectares with free access to 30+hectare of neighbor/family

Number of permanent kin residing


Details for visitors

We ask for 25 euros per week to cover all costs for nutrition. People can stay from one day up to a wavespell and possibly longer when all kin agree.


We don ́t have any needs, but Kin with workable plans that support our vision are always welcome to manifest.

Daily Practices

  • Earth Wizard Practice
  • Synchrogalactic Yoga
  • Synchronotron
  • Carrying water
  • Chopping wood
  • Dharma Art

General Overview and comments

With the launching of 13:20 Peace Garden Lung Ta - Tibetan for Wind Horse -we like to show that from our free will it is possible to live in unity with the Earth. We acknowledge that the Earth is from herself and lives by her own time and law. We wish to be directed by this as it is expressed in the Law of Time and the 13:20 frequency of natural time.

Nowadays with environmental problems and global tension more and more people feel the need to do something for the Earth. To search, in love and with a feeling of responsibility for the Earth, new ways to commune.

Lung Ta is a free place for free people on a free Earth, that shows a possible and sustainable new future. Make the second creation together and work in a peace garden with a Global Living Room open for everyone.

Feel welcome

In Lak'ech a la kin




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