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Russia Peace Garden



Russia, Tula region, Yefremov district. Left bank of Krasivaya Mecha river, Krasnogoriye (Red Hill).
Megalith area of Central Russia.
53°16′19.22″ (53.272005) N; 38°26′35.99″ (38.443331) E.
(~300 km south from Moscow)

Matvey – Blue Galactic Storm
Elena – White Galactic Worldbridger


Russian, English


Site Structure

Old garden waiting for renewal. Underground store 3x4 m. Parking place.
Camping area. Camping is comfortable from end of Planetary Moon till middle of Electric.
We have already built small house for Galactic Synchronization Crew.
In perspective:
- Garden; using of permaculture techniques.
- Building of the Dome (7m in diameter) for meditation, practices and arts. The main dome will be connected with 3 smaller domes-modules which will be used for accommodation as common library, kitchen and dining-room.
 - Using solar energy, making solar panels (already in process).
 - Developing arts: clay; painting, sacred dances and so on.

Land Size

About 1 hectar.

Number of permanent kin residing

No permanent kin yet.
We visit this area as a Galactic Synchronization Crew on 28 Silio of each Moon and stay there for 4-7 days. During this time we make 13:20 practices, meditate on megalith sites and develop the area.

Details for visitors

Every Earth Wizard is welcome to participate in the life and activities of the Peace Garden. If you wish to arrive contact PAN Alcyone. Recommended to have personal transport. Until we build guest dome you can stay in camping area. Be ready for preparing food on camp fire and caring water from amazing spring


We are open to all creative ideas.
All forms of your help are welcome: building of common dome, renewing garden, initiating permaculture area and so on.

Daily Practices

Synchronic Order practices, Rainbow Bridge meditation, Mer-Ka-Ba, Circle of Sound ceremonies, Panevritmia.

General Overview and comments

As we understand the main purpose of Peace Garden in to reestablish our unity with ourselves and Mother-Earth. Great opportunity is to found Garden in sacred place, site of power. Our main work (together with the garden itself and building domes) is telepathic and ceremonial, for the upcoming Aquarius age is the time of the 7-th Ray of Ceremonial Magic.










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