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Tiwaz (site no longer available - seeking new location in Switzerland)



PAN Tiwaz Lindenhof D-78532 Tuttlingen Germany
Tiwaz is 8 km from Tuttlingen


Phone: +49 7462 6259

Contact person:
Rob Spectral Eagle
Martin Self-existing Dog
Werner Solar Serpent


English, German


Site Structure

About one hectacre is occupied by buildings, car park and other facilities, the rest is for gardening. There are about 40 to 50 fruit trees (mostly apples). The elevation is almost 900 m above sea level.

The main site structure is a seminar center with the capacity to accommodate and feed (vegetarian) up to 40 guests. It has two conference rooms of 60 and 80 square meters.

There is a fully equipped workshop and a garden shack with all necessary tools for gardening.

Land Size

3 hectacres

Number of permanent kin residing

Three kin

Details for visitors

Not Available



We are looking for Kin who would like to help translating 13:20 material from English into German, most importantly the FLT website and the Cosmic History Chronicles. Also a cyber wizard enjoying to creatively improve our website is very welcome.

For the dome project we are looking for canvas or tarps (preferably waterproof), wooden struts of any size and thick leather to make the joints.

Help in the garden and/or experience in permaculture gardening is always welcome.

Daily Practices

Our daily practices include galactic meditation, synchronic order (13 Moon/Dreamspell, Telektonon, 7:7::7:7, Mystery of the Stone, etc.), Synchronotron, CHC study, yoga, garden work, service to the seminar center (kitchen duty, house maintenance, etc.)

General Overview and comments

The whole property is called 'Lindenhof' and is owned by a Christian association (Nazoräer) for which the seminar center is the main project.

PAN Tiwaz is a separate entity sharing the same space, supporting the seminar project in exchange for free use of the infrastructure (accomodation, food, garden, etc.). There are 7 permanent Kin living here, 4 belonging to the seminar center, 3 to PAN Tiwaz.

Our mission of grounding Timeship Earth 2013 on this peace of Terra Gaia began in the winter of the Blue Electric Storm ring, when the first of the three Kin arrived on site in the Resonant Moon. By the Electric Night DOOT, the seed group has established itself and the Self-existing Seed started the active seeding of galactic culture with the designation of an area and the set up of a yurt as a first New Time laboratory, totally off the grid.

The vision of PAN Tiwaz is to anchor and implement the concepts of the New Time in the overall organization of the whole Lindenhof site and thereby to establish a 13:20 garden community for 13 to 20 Kin with a high degree of self-sustainability. The remote location of the site is also suitable for a proto CREST experimental zone. To this end a yurt was set up at the beginning of this solar ring and a dome (ca. 7 m) is planned to be set up by the end of the ring. A New Time education center (galactic university) is being prepared. PAN Tiwaz is producing German 13 Moon Calendars and translating and publishing the Cosmic History Chronicles in German. Last spring we started permaculture gardening which has yielded many delicious fruits and vegies.





The Electric Night DOOT celebration
The Electric Night DOOT celebration

Eagle's perspecitve of the seminar center called 'Lindenhof', home to   PAN Tiwaz.
Eagle's perspecitve of the seminar center called 'Lindenhof', home to
PAN Tiwaz.

Lindenhof with all its buildings and part of the garden
Lindenhof with all its buildings and part of the garden

The PAN Tiwaz yurt is finished on Magnetic 5, Yellow Galactic Star
The PAN Tiwaz yurt is finished on Magnetic 5, Yellow Galactic Star

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