CREST13 - Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind

  • Project #1:
    Purchase 1 Hectare of Land
    USD $20,000
    $0 Raised

  • Project #2:
    2x Domes
    USD $1,000
    $0 Raised

  • Project #3:
    Solar System
    USD $2,000
    $0 Raised

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Jardín 13:20 Arte de la Tierra


Updated 14 Dec 2011


Star Bio Region, San Marcos Sierras, Córdoba, Argentina

Latitude 30° 47' S • Longitude 64° 39' O • Height 625 msnm


White Overtone Dog – Hernán:




Under construction

Site Structure

An existing house is being used as the basis of the project, kitchen, bathroom, library and rooms.

Land Size

Not available.

Number of permanent kin residing

Two adults and one child.

Details for visitors

We receive visitors to share the daily practices and to site development tasks. The time for your stay depends on the reason for your visit and number of resident kin, we ask for a conscious daily contribution of exchange, and the accomodation is in tents.


To expand the service the main need at that moment is a LAND with size and suitable location for the final establishment of the Garden, domes, gardens and study areas and art cultivation. While we expect that the land be delivered, we continue to purifying and exercising the mental spirituality in the place that we consider “BASE OF SYNCHRONIC OPERATIONS”. In this base of synchronic operations is necessary the physical presence of Kins on site in order to support what we are doing, creating a group dynamic to develop what was projected and strengthen the communication with meditative practices and Telephatic Network of Protection and the Planetary Grid of Light. In regards to the physical I specify, we have a list available to those interested in make donations or realise his service of Give, but a this time the most important priority is all kind of building material with low ecological impact, to build geodesic domes to host the residents and to build generators systems of solar and wind energy, in pursuit of self-sustainability, all serves to these achievements, from an idea to a concrete act.

Daily Practices

Natural Mind Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga and all meditative practices of the Law of Time, Synchrogalactic Yoga and Synchronotron.

Scheduled in a group way, we are doing the study of the Cosmic History Chronicles and The Knowledge Book and complementing the mental-spiritual exercices, alternating with the practice and study of various sacred text and disciplines. We are exercising to live a contemplative life, to make of everyday “Earth as a Work of Art”, we held meetings to communicate it and we undertake artistic expressions such as painting, music, writing, and spiritual as dynamic meditation and contemplation of nature. We are creating art objets from recycled materials and te essential daily activity is the Art of the Earth, planting, take care of the gardens and trees. We participate in the celebrations that taking place globally.

General Overview and comments

The vision is to achieve a sacred space to live according to a higher form of existence, experiencing a higher mental-spiritual way to relating us with the totality, a sacred space where participants can be aware of the biosphere-noosphere transition, supporting to restoring balance in the biosphere for its state of total harmony and accompanying the rise of all evolutionary planes and kingdoms.

We accept all kind of selfless help, from a suggestion to a particular fact, and we encourage you to vissit the active gardens, all they need your help.



Camino al jardín
Road to the Garden

Referencia del Jardín 13:20
13:20 Garden Reference

Irrigation ditch

Onozone en el ceremonial
Onozone en el ceremonial

Bendición de Kinich Ahau
Blessing of Kinich Ahau


Jardines de aloes
Jardines de aloes
Aloe Gardens


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