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Uno - Galactic Peace Garden - Tulum - Mexico



Southeast Mexico on the beach of Tulum


Nuno Kin 129, Red Crystal Moon -


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Site Structure

6 organic bungalows and 6 yurt like tents for visitors, camping spaces for the community only1 communal kitchen, 1 restaurant kitchen, 2 yoga halls, 1 healing area, 1 music room, 1 sweat lodge. All areas are shared by visitors and community.

Land Size

(hectacres) 5000sq meters

Number of permanent kin residing

About 15

Details for visitors

To be accepted as part of the community, kin are kindly requested to present themselves personally to the project facilitator. The facilitator will consider, interest of project, length of stay, experience in communities, skills, talents, etc. For visitors we have domes (yurt like tents) and they are have a duration limit of one moon maximum. Also bungalows are available.


All toilets are compost, water system is external, brought from nearby cenote and a well in our property other part is collected by the rain. Our energy system is 100% solar, our vegetable garden is quite humble in size and in abundance, so always open to permaculturists which want to improve what we have. There is lots of gravity art to explore, and we are very open to all kinds of nature artists and paint artists, and startists (glow in the dark paint). World music musicians will find a very fertile ground to play with other like minded kin. Healers and yoguis will have a better chance to be integrated in the activities if they present their projects in the pre-season. (Nov-Dec)

Daily Practices

Meditation, Yoga, Acro Yoga/circus, (every day practice), kirtan chanting, afrodance, afrolatino, aerial dance

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